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Základní informace o organizaci školního stravování - anglická verze

18.8.2019, , Zdroj: Verlag Dashöfer

11.59 Základní informace o organizaci školního stravování – anglická verze

Bc. Lenka Polášková

Informácie platné podľa legislatívy v ČR!

Basic information about organization of school catering

School catering is understood as catering services for children, pupils, students.

School catering is governed by nutritional standards. Each school must meet so called consumer basket of provided individual groceries. In the case, that the school can meet conditions for it, it can provide for student, on the recommendation of a doctor, dietary food. It is not possible to prepare food for a child based on his/her religious belief.

School issues menu card for the next week, it hangs in freely available space.

Numbers are stated at individual meals (allergens).

In school canteen is understood as main course - lunch

Supplementary food - breakfast, brunch, snacks

By lunch is understood: soup or appetizer, main course, drink and possibly supplement (salad, dessert, fruit),

Child in kindergarten has a right to take for a fee:

All-day service – brunch, lunch, snack

Half-day service – brunch lunch or lunch and snack

Boarding service – main course, supplementary foods and dinners

Primary school pupil and minor pupil of high school and conservatory has a right to a daily taking for a fee: lunch

To a mature pupil of high school, conservatory and to a student of a higher professional school can be provided by school catering to the extent of: lunch

Fee for school catering is based according to the funding formulas height, which is established according to individual age categories – legal custodian or mature pupil cover the value of groceries, state covers directed substantive